Þráinn Hjálmarsson - Composer residing in Reykjavík at the moment. Studied M.A. in composition at the royal conservatoire den Haag. Þráinn is a part of a generation of composers that not only composes music but involves to his creative work being a lecturer, artistic director and festival director.

Currently residing in Reykjavík, working on various projects such as running a concert series dedicated to new music at Hafnarborg art center and developing the musical instrument Þránófónn (e. Thranophone), a feedback instrument based on acoustic resonance in various (complex/simple) cavities.

Contact: thrainn.hja [@] gmail.com


Upcoming performances:

3rd of June 2014 - Dogstar Orchestra performs Sculpture #3 at Curve Line Space in Los Angeles in relation to the their concert series.

8th of June 2014 - Icelandic premiere of (MMXIV) miss en scene - by Ensemble Adapter at FRUM-festival in Reykjavík, Reykjavík Art Museum - Hafnarhús at 20.

17th of June - EDGES ensemble performs Meander: Monody etudes in Huddersfield, United Kingdom.

23rd of August - Tinna Þorsteinsdóttir performs Svíta for Toy Piano at the American Embassy in Iceland, during the Reykjavík Culture Night.

4th of October 2014 - World premiere of the Orchestra work, As heard across a room, performed by BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra at City Halls, Glasgow. Book ticket online.

Spring 2014 - Premiere of a new piece for Icelandic flute ensemble, made in collaboration with the visual artist Sigurður Guðjónsson - TBA

Early 2015 - Premiere of a new work for Viola d'amore by Marco Fusi in Italy - TBA

April 2015 - Premiere of a new work by visual artist Magnús Pálsson, arranged by Þráinn Hjálmarsson for the Iceland Symphony Orchestra. Written for the Tectonics 2015 Reykjavík Festival

Upcoming releases:

Autumn 2014 - Publishing Method for Thranophones, a guide to build and perform on the instrument Thranophone


Study for 2 resonant spaces

Video work, made in collaboration with visual artist Halldór Úlfarsson

Duration: 5' looped video
Setup: Monitor display showing with headphones or 2 channel PA system

An excerpt from the work - To gain access to the whole work for perusal use, please contact via e-mail above

Influence of buildings on musical tone - work for vln., vla., vlc., db., perc., perc.
Duration: 10'

Recording of a performance by members of Icelandic Symphony Orchestra at Eldborg Hall, Harpa Reykjavík, April 18th 2013 - Recording from the national radio broadcast.

Influence of buildings on musical tone - EXCERPT - First 6 pages

MMXIII - work for cl., hrn., perc., vln., vla., db.
Duration: 5'

Recording of a performance by Reykjavík Chamber Orchestra at Harpa Concert Hall, February 2013 - Recording from the national radio broadcast

y = f(x) - work for 2 bass flutes - uses animated notation
Duration: 10'

The animated notation with a recording from the premiere - Hafnarhús at Sláturtíð 2012 Music Festival, October 2012

y=f(x) - Video from a performance of the work